I will…

The correct answer…or response is…I WILL. Many times throughout the bible God tells us to…ARISE….in order to…SHINE. If we don’t arise…whether it be from: sitting,resting,sleeping etc…we will not be able to let God into our lives…and not let the light of God…shine.


“Where you are today is because of where you came from yesterday”

This week’s message here in Pottsville Pa will be about our habits and, once we establish the, become engraved in our fabric of our being. These, “worldly and self-indulgent passions” may not be, in and of themselves SINS but because they take us farther away from our true purpose in life…to be closer to God…this is where it can turn into that sin. If we are not, Loving God with ALL of our heart, soul, being…then we are cheating Him and ourselves of the one true relationship that can fulfill us. These habits that LIVE inside us only produce death.


Titus 2:11 tells us to ” just say no to these things….

and live a self controlled life”


We do this by Setting our hearts on things…above…rather …than the things and passion of the world…then and only then will God…
renew and remake us through the “renewing” of our mind as promised in Romans 12:1


So, whatever habit is keeping you from a closer walk with God…give it to him so it can die and let God give you NEW Godly habits to replace it….habits that bring life and health and honor to God.